Rapid progress is being achieved in the field of optics and photonics, especially in relation to applications in information and communication technologies, and new applications in nano- and bio-technologies are coming to light in the technology frontier. The ICO bureau has given approval to host the next ICO topical meeting in 2004 in Japan. (ICO meetings have been held in Japan every 10 years since 1964.)
ICO '04 will be held at the same site as InterOpto '04, the biggest optics & photonics industrial annual exposition organized by OITDA (Optoelectronic Industry and Technology Development Association) and will be co-supported by JOMA (Japan Optical Measuring Instruments Manufacturers' Association) to provide an excellent opportunity for interaction between academia and industry. ICO’04 will be held together with two other well known international conferences organized by OSJ, ODF ’04 (Optics-photonics design & fabrication) and ICOSN’04 (International Conference on Optical Engineering for Sensing and Nanotechnology).
ICO’04 will provide an international forum for exchanging leading-edge ideas and achievements through original paper presentations, and discussions of optics-photonics related scientific and industrial topics in the fields of design, simulation, fabrication and testing for the system and components such as Information optics, Fiber communications, Bio-photonics, Storage, Measurement, Camera, Microscopy, Lithography, Printings, 3-dimensional displays and others.