ODF'06 Nara-5th International Conference on Optics-photonics Design & Fabrication
Hotel Reservation and Optional Tour
Rooms at the following hotels are reserved for the participants from Dec. 5 through Dec. 8. Reservation will be made on a first-come, first-reserved basis.
Hotel Nikko Nara, Nara Washington Hotel Plaza, and Hotel Fujita Nara are about five minutes walk from JR Nara Station. To Nara Hotel, it takes about 8 minutes by car from JR Nara Station.
The deadline for the Hotel Reservation is November 20, 2006.
Name of Hotel
Rates (JPY)
Nara Hotel
(15:00 / 11:00)
1096 Takabatake-cho
Nara-city, Nara 630-8301
Tel: +81-742-26-3300
Fax: +81-742-23-5252
Hotel Nikko
(13:00 / 11:00)
8-1 Sanjo-Hommachi,
Nara-city, Nara 630-8122
Tel: +81-742-35-8831
Fax: +81-742-35-6868
Hotel Plaza
(14:00 / 10:00)
31-1 Shimosanjo-cho,
Nara-city, Nara 630-8236
Tel: +81-742-27-0410
Fax: +81-742-27-0484
Hotel Fujita
(13:00 / 11:00)
47-1 Shimosanjo-cho,
Nara-city, Nara 630-8236
Tel: +81-742-23-8111
Fax: +81-742-22-0255
1) The above rates are per person, per night, including service charge, consumption tax and breakfast.
 2) Twin room may not be reserved by a single person.
Cancellation Policy
In case of cancellation, please cancel your reservation by logging-in to your Personal Page. Your deposit will be refunded after deducting the cancellation fees as follows.
(a) Up to 10 days before the first night of stay:
No charge
(b) 2 to 9 days before the first night of stay:
20% of the daily room charge
(Minimum: JPY 2,000)
(c) 1 day before the first night of stay or no notice given:
100% of the daily room charge
*Please note all refunds will be made after the Conference.
Optional Tour
On the third day (December 8th) of the Conference, after all the sessions are closed, an optional tour is arranged for the participants and accompanying persons as follows. Those who would like to join the tour are required to make online registration. The deadline for the optional tour registration is November 20, 2006.
< Horyuji and Jikoin Half-day Tour >
< Horyuji and Jikoin Half-day Tour >
Fee: JPY 2,000 per person (including a lunch box)
Date: December 8 (Fri.)
Assemble time and place: Nara-Ken New Public Hall 13:20
Nara-Ken New Public Hall 13:20 - by bus (lunch) - 14:20 Horyuji 15:20 - by bus - 15:30 Jikoin 16:30 - by bus - 17:20 JR Nara
Horyuji was originally commissioned by Prince Shotoku and at the time was called "Ikaruga-dera". This first temple was completed in 607. Recent research and excavations reveal that the temple was hit by lightning and burned to the ground in 670. From 670 to 700 the temple was reconstructed in its original style but reoriented in a northwest position. Horyuji contains over 2,300 important cultural and historical structures and articles, including nearly 190 that have been designated as National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties. In December of 1993,Horyuji, as a unique storehouse of world Buddhist culture, became the first treasure of any kind in Japan to be selected by UNESCO as part of the World Heritage.
Jikoin temple stands near the village of Ikaruga. The temple was found in 1663 by Sekishu Katagiri, who became one of famous masters of tea ceremony and the originator of the Sekishu school of tea ceremony. A larger view of the Ikaruga area from this temple is beautifully contrast with its garden of stones and shrubbery. Powdered green tea will served to all the participants. Please enjoy the taste of tea and a mixture of Japanese Zen Buddhism and "Wabi" culture.
Photo:Five-Story Pagoda, Horyuji (Nara)
Horyuji is selected as one of the UNESCO World Heritage.
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