ODF'06 Nara-5th International Conference on Optics-photonics Design & Fabrication
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C. J. R. Shappard (National Univ. of Singapore / Singapore)
“Developments in 3D Microscopy”
W. Urlich (Carl Zeiss SMT AG / Germany)
  “Optical Lithography - the recent progress in Optical Design”
T. Koyama (Canon / Japan)
  “Lens Design for Digital Still Cameras”
Biomedical Photonics
M. van der Mark (Philips Res. Labs. / Netherlands)
“Fluorescence diffuse optical tomography system for breast cancer imaging”
K. Imaizumi (Olympus / Japan)
  “Development of autofluorescence imaging system for endoscopic diagnosis”
M. Gu (Swinburne Univ. of Technology / Australia)
  “Fibre-optical nonlinear optical endoscopy: coming of age”
M. Tamura (Hokkaido Univ. / Japan)
  “In vivo Tissue Fluorescence - It’s implication to clinical diagnosis -”
Optical Design/Simulation
W. Shen and J. Yu (Soochow Univ. / China)
  “Development of a long-Wavelength Infrared Lens with 135 degree FOV and suitable for an Uncooled FPAs”
Y. Hirayama (Toshiba / Japan)
“Optics design and fabrication of flatbed-type integral imaging 3-D display systems”
F. Bociort (Delft Univ. of Technology / Netherlands)
  “Is There Order in the Merit Function Landscape of Optical Systems?”
T. Davenport (ORA / USA)
  “Ripple Structures Used for Optimizing Uniformity In An LED Light-piping System”
Optical Components/Devices
M.K. Smit (Technical Univ. Eindhoven / Netherlands)
“Trends in Semiconductor-based Photonic Integration”
G. Cincotti (Univ. of Roma Tre / Italy)
  “Design of Multiport Encoder/Decoders for OCDMA Networks”
M. Morikawa (Konicaminolta Technology center / Japan)
  “Super Wide-band Polymeric Quarter Wave Plates (QWPs) Fabricated by Nanoimprint Technologies”
H. Toshiyoshi (The Univ. of Tokyo / Japan)
  “Wavelength Division Multiplexing for MEMS-based Fiber Optic Endoscope”
Optical Systems
B. H. W. Hendriks (Philips Res. Labs. / Netherlands)
“Liquid lenses: innovation in optical devices”
S. H. Lin (National Chiao Tung Univ. / Taiwan)
  “Holographic memory and applications using doped photopolymers”
A. Nakaoki (Sony / Japan)
  “Near Field Optical Systems for Data Storage”
R. H. Semmler (Carl Zeiss AG / Germany)
  “AIMS(TM) - the Optical Emulator of Projection Mask Lithography”
T. Ishiyama (Nikon / Japan)
  “Projection Optics for Exposure Tools: Its Potential and Future”
Optical Technology
D. Erickson (Cornell Univ. / USA)
“Optofluidics - Emerging Technologies and Applications”
S. Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology / Korea)
  “Dispersive Interferometry - A Challenging Direction for New Optical Metrology”
D. Anderson (JILA/Univ. of Colorado / USA)
  “Vapor detection with an adaptive holographic interferometer: An Optical Nose”
M. Gross (Ecole Normale Supériure / France)
  “Selective detection of the "tagged photons" in acousto-optic imaging of thich highly scattering media by photo refractive adaptive holography”
A. Kamshilin (Univ. of Kuopio / Finland)
  “Computer Controlled Light Source for Spectral Analysis”
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