Tentative Time Schedule


H. Ohmori (Riken / Japan)
"Nanoprecision ELID-grinding, Micro and UltraFabrication Technologies for Optics"
W. Ulrich (Carl Zeiss / Germany)
"Value of ISO-standardization in a global optics & photonics industry"
A. Yabe (Consultant / Germany)
"From nothing to the best solution"
Special Session: Active Optical Components and Systems
P. Craen (Polight / Norway)
"Millisecond focusing speed open new applications for classical mobile phone camera"
K. Fujiura (NTT Advanced Technology Corp. / Japan)
"High-speed laser beam deflector and vari-focal lens using electro-optic KTN crystals and their applications"
N. Hashimoto (Citizen / Japan)
"Liquid crystal active optics and its application to laser microscopy"
M. Inoue, H. Takagi, Y. Nakamura, P. B. Lim and T. Goto (Toyohashi Univ. of Technology / Japan)
"Novel magnetophotonic / magnonic devices and their applications"
H. Zappe (Univ. of Freiburg / Germany)
"Optofluidics for active micro-optics"
Category 1. Optical Design / Simulation
J. Bai (Zhejiang Univ. / China)
"Design of panoramic stereo imaging with single optical system"
S. Bezdidko (Research and Production Corporation / Russia)
"Theory of orthogonal aberrations and its use in lens design"
G. Forbes (QED Technologies / Australia)
"Precision optics with complex shapes"
A. Gupta (Google Inc. / USA)
"Engineering design as a prelude to Optical design"
J. M. Howard (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / USA)
"Optical Design of Space Optical Systems"
T. Wakazono (Canon Inc. / Japan)
"EF Cinema Lens Technology for 4K Digital Cinematography"
Category 2. Optical Components / Devices
P. Berini (Univ. of Ottawa / Canada)
"Long-range surface plasmons and their applications"
H. Kawaguchi (Nara Institute of Science and Technology / Japan)
"Polarization-independent high-index-contrast subwavelength grating VCSELs and their applications"
S. Sinzinger (Technische Univ. Ilmenau / Germany)
"Microstructured and freeform optical elements for imaging systems"
G. Su (National Taiwan Univ. / Taiwan)
"MEMS deformable mirrors for compact camera system"
Category 3. Optical Systems
M. Hanft (Carl Zeiss AG / Germany)
"Optical System Enables New Solutions for Live Broadcasts"
L. Hesselink (Stanford Univ. / USA)
"Differential Phase Contrast 3-D X-ray Imaging"
Y. P. Huang (National Chiao Tung Univ. / Taiwan)
"Active Micro-Optical Components for 3D Applications"
J. C. Miñano (Madrid Univ. / Spain)
"Optics for High Concentration Photovoltaic Systems: Recent Results"
M. Takeda (Utsunomiya Univ. / Japan)
"Computational Interferometry: A Tutorial Overview"
Category 4. New Technologies
K. Kajikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology / Japan)
"Application of surface plasmons to photonics devices"
O. Solgaard (Stanford Univ. / USA)
"Resonant Photonic Crystal Mirrors for Miniaturization of Optical MEMS "
C. C. Sun (National Central Univ. / Taiwan)
"Packaging Efficiency of Phosphor-converted White LED"
J. Tanida (Osaka Univ. / Japan)
"Computational Imaging with Compound-eye Optics"